ICEI2013 Proceedings



The ICEI2013 conference committee invites you to submit a full written manuscript of your paper or poster presentation from the congress in New York.  The proceedings are expected to be published in electronic or paper form in 2014.  All manuscripts will be reviewed.

Please submit your manuscripts no later than March 10th 2014 in the language of presentation (English or Spanish)

Manuscripts must be e-mailed to

The SUBJECT BOX of your e-mail MUST be in the following format:

First author’s name – topic area of presentation

 For example:  Janet Patti  education

This will enable us to list the manuscripts by name and themes.  The topic areas for the presentations are the same as the ones used in the submissions:

T  =  Theoretical aspects of EI

RE  =  EI and related emotion theory

A  =  Assessment, measurement, and evaluation of EI

B  =  Business, work place & organizational settings

E  =  Education & social-emotional learning

NC = Neuroscience & cognition

M = Medical applications

H  = Health, well-being, and optimal development

TA = Therapeutic applications

SC = Social and cultural issues

CC  =  Consultation and coaching process

CA  = Applications to creative arts

The manuscripts must be in MS word document, font 12 in the following format and styles:

 Title of the Paper with Majors Words Capitalized and Bold

Name of Author (s)

University Affiliation, Country

Brief abstract

Body of the text



For example:

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Current Controversies and Future Directions

Jochen Menges

University of Cambridge, England

Elise Bausseron

University of Queensland, Australia

Abstract (1 paragraph)

Text (including charts and tables)



The entire document including title, abstract, tables, charts and references must not exceed 3,000 words. 

Author is responsible for the accuracy of all references and quotes.